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GeoLogging Services

Serving the Western Canadian Mining, Hydro-Geology and Oil & Gas Energy Industries.

Natural Gamma Ray

Shades of White Stone

The Comprobe Natural Gamma Ray probe measures the amount of gamma radiation occurring naturally within the formations crossed by a borehole. Gamma rays are produced mainly by isotopes of potassium, thorium, and uranium. The gamma log is widely used in the groundwater, petroleum and mining industries to identify lithology.

Single Point Resistivity/Shale Potential

Shale Tool.JPG

The Single Point Resistance measurement is made by passing an AC current between a surface  electrode  or  (mud  plug),  and  the  probe  electrode. 

The  spontaneous  potential,  also  known  as  self-potential, shale potential or SP uses the same electrodes as the SPR measurement. This natural  potential, which originates from electrochemical differences between boreholeand formation fluid, or electro-kinetic "streaming" is measured by the surface electronics.

Borehole Caliper

Borehole Caliper2.JPG

The Comprobe Motorized Caliper probe records a single continuous borehole diameter log by means of a mechanically coupled arm in contact with the borehole wall. The caliper measurement is a useful first log to determine the borehole condition before running other well logging probes.

Acoustic WaveForm Logs

Acoustic Waveform Log Sample_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Sonic formation Travel Time with 3 foot Transmitter/Receiver Spacing to accurately measure formation slowness.

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